Adrienne Bailon Sends Heartfelt Message to Israel Houghton on His Birthday [PHOTOS]



Adrienne Bailon helped make Israel Houghton‘s 45th birthday one to remember…

The new couple visited Bailon’s hometown of New York City where they took a private helicopter tour, saw “Hamilton” on Broadway and went for a sail along the Hudson River. It was there where Bailon captured a photo of them in front of the Statue of Liberty and used it to share just how deep her love ran for Houghton.

“Happiest of birthdays,” she said. “They ask me how I love you and I say… in pages in novels… in volumes… I love you like my favorite story. The one that I wake up to everyday and watch unfold and I don’t know how it ends, but I know your name is already written in the chapters of my life that I have yet to live.”

Cute… poetic.

Check out photos from Israel Houghton’s 45th birthday below!




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