Jordin Sparks Shares Prayer She Prays Over Her Son


You know those quiet moments where your mind wanders and you start to talk to God casually before it turns into deep prayer? New mommy Jordin Sparks can relate. She told Christian Post she has that moment when rocking her newborn to sleep, and according to her recount, his birth actually strengthened her faith. 


“Having my son completely changed my perspective on everything,” she said. “Every time I rock him to sleep, I start drifting into prayer over the choices he makes, the people he meets, and everything that’s going to happen in his life. I pray, ‘Lord, let him be strong when he needs to be, let him be kind in certain moments, let him be soft in certain moments, let him be compassionate, let him be passionate about other things and other people. That prayer usually trails into a whole bunch of other prayers, depending on how long it takes him to get to sleep.”

The American Idol winner went on to explain how the love she has for her 4-month-old son DJ allowed her to catch “a glimpse of the love the Father has for us.” 

“I wasn’t prepared for the level of love I felt and the feelings that I never could’ve imagined before. I just look at DJ and I smile and I just want to cry because he’s so incredible,” she said. “My husband and I are so aware that we need to set a good, godly example for him, because he’s going to be looking to us.”

The singer wed Dana Isaiah Thomas back in July 2017 and the two became three this year on May 2 when DJ entered the world – a day Sparks says changed her relationship with Jesus. 

Her strong faith recently shifted into her career, too. In addition to creating a new family, the singer recently co-starred in a new faith-based film called God Bless the Broken Road. The movie, which was created by the makers of God’s Not Dead, is about a young mother who struggles with her faith after losing her husband in Afghanistan.

Check out the movie trailer + photos of baby DJ below. 


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