Keke Palmer Breaks Out In Mini Sermon on Self-Image During Visit to ‘Dr. Oz’


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Actress-turned-singer Keke Palmer appeared on Dr. Oz earlier this week to discuss how she handles anxiety and in between describing the depth of her condition and depression that stemmed from being a child star, she shared a word on self-image using the story of Adam and Eve.

“Despite your religion, the story goes, they ate from the tree. God wasn’t angry that they ate fom the tree, He was disappointed they separated from Him,” she said. “When we start separtating ourselves from our truths, that’s then when we start living in the dark, just like a snake…”

She went on to talk about how acknowledging your reality helps make a better one, and went on to extend her thoughts on Instagram noting, “What an unfortunate and uninspired reality it is to feel that God is a separate entity outside of you as opposed to being the integral part that makes life possible for you. Like, air, lungs your heart. Living in the light is accepting the divinity that was given to you at birth as opposed to hiding your multifaceted self between two bricks like the snake. You’re a mini creator, ‘made in God’s image’ yes? So create. Create knowing this little human you is an expression of something greater inside of you far beyond this material world we often feel limited to. Tis’ my mentality.”

Peep the video up top.

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