Nonbelievers Open Up To Erica Campbell About Why They Don’t Believe In God [VIDEO]


Erica Campbell stopped by BuzzFeed to discuss her faith and in between some cool features and questions about God, the singer and radio show host sat down with nonbelievers to talk about religion.

It was a sensitive topic but all parties were able to open up about their beliefs with understanding. It turns out, believers and nonbelievers have the same questions about God; the only difference is faith. And to the viewer’s surprise, a few of the nonbelievers grew up in church. Some of their reasons for choosing not to believe in God included:

“I feel so small and the concept of God seems so big.”

“Everything you said, I can do without religion…you can live a happy, productive life without it.”

“We weren’t practicing [religion] so I kind of fell out of it.”

“I feel like my moral compass is good.”

“When I think about organized religion, all I see is division.”

To which Erica responded, “the Bible is an example of how crazy and chaotic our world is.”

While the intent wasn’t to sway their minds (it was more about understanding), she went on to share how there’s always going to be conflict and why she believes that above all, God cares about each and every one of us. “I believe God knows you and loves,” she said.



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