Robin L. Griggs Relaunches ‘Broken: 2B or Not 2B That Is The ?’ Book About Healing

Misunderstanding and hurt usually stems from a lack of communication; that’s why Robin L. Griggs is putting it all out on the table in the relaunch of her Broken: 2B or Not 2B That Is The ? book about healing.

The first step to healing, she says, is talking about it: Exposing hurt and unveiling brokenness.

Covering topics of being wounded as it relates to “the power of the tongue,” being broken as she shares her personal testimony and getting healing as referenced by biblical stories such as “touching the hem of his garment,” Griggs lays out each page in transparency that reveals how God’s promises helped her overcome her rough season.

“This book was birthed out of my spirit from God,” Griggs says. “It is my desire that strongholds and bondages are broken to help bring some healing and deliverance into the lives of everyone that will read it.”

To celebrate her inspirational relaunch, Griggs is hosting a series of sip-n-chat events called “Let’s Talk About It” that consists of a meet & greet and discussion about the book. The first goes down on June 17 in Atlanta. For more details, click here.

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