EXCLUSIVE: Drew Smith Explains the Significance of Dreams and Where Hiphop Fits In



Dreams come and go, but the ones that linger can be life-changing if acted upon.

Drew Smith ‘The DreamR’ examines a bunch of them in his latest LP, A Dream Never Dies, which explores life’s daily wins and losses in our individual journeys to figure out our purpose and live in it. In putting his own unfiltered matters on display, the Philadelphia native says he hopes the project stands out as a piece of encouragement for those who listen to live out their truths.

His truth? Providing for his family, uplifting his community and amongst other things, using music to introduce people to the perfect and merciful God that saved him.

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Rap is Drew’s weapon of choice, but the well-rounded artist writes and sings as well. His extensive musical influences paired with his style has allowed him to perform in front of a variety of audiences in – and a lot of times – outside of the church, all a part of his “dream.”

In our interview below, Drew Smith speaks on what attracted him to hip-hop and details the concept behind A Dream Never Dies. Watch…

Click here to download Drew Smith’s A Dream Never Dies LP.

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