Henry Hall Reveals 3 Times God Showed Up For Him [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


Isn’t it crazy to think, God is there for us even when we don’t recognize it? Henry Hall & New Dimension recently released a song called “You Were There,” acknowledging that. First inspired by his wife who’d been fighting cancer at the time of its conception, “You Were There” speaks to God’s presence in every part our lives: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hall released his first body of work in 2001, traveled for a bit, then took his talents back to his hometown church in New Jersey as music minister; this new single with new voices (New Dimension) leads his sophomore album due spring 2017.

“I had wrote some songs a few years back and really wanted to get the message of dominion out which is basically a message of empowerment,” he says. “That no matter what situation you find yourself in, or what challenges life brings you, you can eventually get back on top.”

In our exclusive sit-down, Henry Hall reveals what inspired him to release new music after all these years, how New Dimension was formed and what he learned about God revealing himself during trials.

Press play up top, then click here to find out the three times in particular Hall said he felt God “was there!”

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